Are you familiar with all the benefits and drawbacks of chip tuning for your Skoda?

What are the advantages of chip tuning your Skoda?

Skoda builds cars for the international market, so most of them are reduced and thus don’t use their full performance potential, which is one of the most obvious disadvantages for you.

Chiptuning allows you to achieve more power and better combustion in your car.

Not only will your car accelerate faster, you will also notice improvements in fuel consumption. This text explains whether you should do a chip tuning yourself or rather have it done in a professional workshop.

How does chip tuning work with your Skoda and what performance enhancements are possible?

If you have a pure chip tuning done, the software will be optimally adapted to your engine and your vehicle. All data of your Skoda will be read. Then your engine maps will be optimized and redefined. No changes will be made to the mechanical structure of your engine or its add-on parts. This does not affect the standard engine protection.

Consequences of doing your engine tuning yourself

Most companies offering engine tuning can look back on years of experience and in most cases offer a warranty on the performance increase and possibly damaged parts on your vehicle. Of course you don’t have all this, if you do your engine tuning yourself. The costs you save by tuning, you will surely have to invest in repairs afterwards.

Which performance enhancements are feasible for your Skoda?

skoda chiptuningChiptuning your Skoda will give you between 20 and 30 hp more, depending on the model and engine. With a diesel model higher values are possible due to the engine characteristics than with a gasoline engine. Furthermore, fuel savings of up to 15% are possible. So there are several advantages in one. You will definitely feel this plus in performance and surely get more driving fun.

How much will it cost you to get a chip tuning?

A proper chip tuning usually has its price. Depending on the company a chip tuning starts with your Skoda in the range of 300 Euro. Then there are also possible registration costs of the performance increase and the higher insurance. On the other hand there are the lower fuel costs and all the positive advantages.

Is there much experience with engine tuning?

The answer is definitely yes. Engine tuning has been on the market for quite some time and is often used to replace the disadvantages of series production with the advantages of individual tuning. However, it is always advisable to inquire about the company to which you entrust your car for engine tuning. There are also black sheep among the tuners. It is best if you check the internet before.

Are there only advantages in engine tuning or also disadvantages?

There are also disadvantages with chip tuning. Due to the higher power of your engine, especially clutch and gearbox suffer. With many vehicles these components are however more strongly dimensioned than necessary and therefore the performance increase is here only a small disadvantage.

Which products are available for your car?

There are several different ways to tune your car:

  • The original chip is removed from the control unit and a socket is soldered in its place. The optimized software is installed on a new chip. This makes it possible to exchange the original chip and the tuned chip at any time.
  • With variant 2, the engine data is read out and reprogrammed via the diagnostic interface of your car. Thus you have no mechanical changes at your car.
  • In the third variant, your control unit is removed and the optimized software is installed via a standardized connection. This connection is also used by the manufacturer of your car for initial programming.

This brings you engine tuning on your vehicle.

1) Skoda Octavia Rs

The Skoda Octavia Rs has a very high potential to be tuned because it is a car you want to have fun with on the road. With your Skoda Octavia Rs you get a power increase of about 30 hp and as good as 60 Nm more torque.

2) Skoda Superb

skoda superbDepending on the year of production and the engine, the Skoda Superb offers performance upgrades between 20 hp and 20 Nm more and approx. 90 hp and 120 Nm more. So your beautiful vehicle gets more power under the hood and you not only arrive with style but also with power at your destination.

3) Skoda Fabia

The small speedster Skoda Fabia gets up to 50 hp more under the bonnet with an engine tuning. This will give you a lively car with which it’s a lot more fun to cruise around.

4) Skoda Citigo

Even with the small city car Skoda Citigo it is possible to increase the power of the engine. Here are between 15 and 30 HP more indoors. The result is an agile little speedster with which you can get through the city better.

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