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How do you make your petrol car faster? Advantages, disadvantages and costs of chip tuning at a glance

Your car has too little power, you don’t want to be pushed off the left lane anymore or do you even drive professional races? By optimizing the performance of a chip tuning you will get closer to your dream of more power. As many reasons as there may be for more power, there are also advantages and disadvantages to consider when chip tuning.

A serious Chip tuning is connected with the appropriate costs, has influence on the vehicle tax and offers possibilities to make.

More power, more steam or simply more power. The main argument why many car connoisseurs and hobby craftsmen choose chip tuning. But this dream is also connected with some risks. Advantages and disadvantages as well as everything you need to know about chip tuning with a gasoline engine, we have listed here for you.

The disadvantages of chip tuning are not insurmountable hurdles

Car manufacturers deliberately leave upward scope for performance.

cockpitIf you decide for a Chiptuning, you exhaust this buffer. This results in higher material loads and thus greater abrasion. Also be aware that chip tuning increases performance by increasing fuel injection.


This means that your consumption may increase and the exhaust values may be exceeded. In addition, the change must be checked and approved so that your operating permit and insurance cover are maintained.

If you consider the disadvantages, you have the following advantages

You want to step on the gas pedal and enjoy the brute acceleration of your gasoline engine. With chip tuning you can realize this dream.

With a chip tuning package you not only buy more power for your car, but pure emotions.

A feeling of boundless freedom and superiority. In addition, the performance increase allows you more pull through and agility in city traffic, higher speeds on the highway and simply more driving fun.

Which performance enhancements are possible?

This question probably burns under the fingernails of anyone who is interested. However, it cannot be answered in such a general way, since the increase in performance depends strongly on your car and the engine. These also depend on the possibilities and costs you are willing to pay.

To inject more fuel, there are resistors or adapter plugs that simulate incorrect values for the engine control unit. These variants are cheap, but also involve a higher risk and often do not meet expectations. If you don’t fear costs, a fundamental change of the software can achieve your desired performance plus by reprogramming the engine control unit.

Costs to be expected

car repairChiptuning offers a wide range of possibilities and therefore costs. If you want to do your own chip tuning, then the possibilities in the lower price segment are most appealing for you. Here you get already from 15EUR adapter plug, which you can install in your car.


Chiptuning is an everyday procedure with common models. Here costs between 300EUR – 500EUR are to be expected. If you drive a rather rare model up to 10.000EUR can be due here!

Also note that there are other costs in addition to the conversion itself. The conversion can have an effect on the vehicle tax, higher consumption can be the result and an improperly carried out conversion can lead to expensive damage to your car. In addition, your insurance can increase the premium and further cost traps for approval and registration.

What is the experience with chip tuning?

So far, the favourable variants of the brand Eigenbau have not proven themselves permanently. The manufacturer’s warranty of your car expires and you have to bear the risk alone. In specialist garages, you leave your car to professionals who give you a guarantee, know their trade, save you the stress and make the registration of the conversion easier.

So that you can do something good for yourself without putting too much strain on your car, a visit to a professional is recommended in any case.

Which products are available?

The range of products is extensive. On the one hand, there are the already mentioned adapter plugs and reprogramming, which are offered by specialist workshops.


In addition, products are traded on the Internet, which should increase the performance of your car. These products increase the performance by software optimization by App on your Smartphone.

The Tuningbox, PedalBox or PowerControl are examples of these products. The manufacturer advertises with 30% more power and torque, 2 years warranty on the engine and reduced fuel consumption of up to 1l/100km less. Similar offers are made by competitors. The boxes are usually connected by OBD interface to the engine control unit and can be used according to the manufacturer after the “Plug and Play” principle immediately.

Do you have to reckon with an increase in vehicle tax now?

Not necessarily, because the motor vehicle tax is based on engine capacity and CO2 emissions. Since in most cases more fuel is injected through chip tuning, CO2 emissions also logically increase.

If this is not the case, for example when tuning with the Tuning Box, where even fuel is to be saved, CO2 emissions do not increase. Conversely, the vehicle tax does not increase. CO2 emissions are determined in the course of the main inspection during the exhaust emission inspection. The increased value is noticeable here. It is therefore advisable to report the conversion to the tax authorities, otherwise you would be liable to prosecution for tax evasion.

Still doubting?

WarrantyYou are thinking about chiptuning, but you are not sure if it is worth the investment or the risk? Contact a car repair shop you trust and get individual advice. Expert conversions reduce the risk to a minimum, and the warranty means that the workshop bears the responsibility. The investment not only enhances the value of your car, but also gives you a special feeling.


You buy emotions. Nothing that you can see or touch, but something that you feel and must have experienced.

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