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Why do you need chip tuning on your Opel?

What are the advantages of chiptuning?

Opel builds cars for the whole world, which is why the performance of the engines is usually not fully exploited. With a chip tuning you can quickly repair this small defect and have your car individually tuned. The tuning company reads out your existing engine data and optimizes the corresponding maps. This way your vehicle gets more power and also the fuel consumption can be optimized. This makes driving more fun and also saves fuel.

So the main advantages of a chip tuning are obvious.

Are there also disadvantages of a Chiptuning?

Due to the higher engine power, important components such as the clutch and transmission may be subjected to greater stress than in a vehicle without chip tuning. However, every manufacturer designs these components with a certain degree of safety and the chip tuners also observe certain limit values so that no major disadvantages can be expected from chip tuning.

Which costs will you have to bear?

A Chiptuning is already feasible from 300 Euro. Depending on the desired increase in performance, the costs for chip tuning naturally increase, as the effort for the company carrying out the work also increases. Of course, you should also register the chip tuning, because otherwise you may lose the insurance cover for your vehicle. This means for you that in addition to chip tuning you also have to take into account the costs for registration and the higher insurance costs.

Which performance enhancements are possible?

what performance can chip tuning increaseThe performance increase of your Opel varies depending on the model. Depending on the basic performance and fuel type – up to 35 percent more torque and up to 35 percent more horsepower. This can often make the difference in driving performance. In addition, chip tuning can save you between 5 percent and 15 percent fuel compared to before.

Should you do chiptuning yourself?

If you haven’t already had experience with it, the answer here is no. Most companies that offer chip tuning give you a warranty on the chip tuning and any damage to the engine and its components caused by the tuning. You will not get this warranty if you do the chip tuning yourself.

Are there many positive experiences with Chiptuning?

There are some black sheep at the chip tuner market as well.

It is advisable to find out in advance on the Internet which companies are suitable for you and your car.

If you consider this, the answer to the question about the positive experiences is definitely yes. Chiptuning has been used in motor vehicles for many years and the results speak for themselves. The driving fun with your car increases and the fuel consumption decreases. That would answer this question.

What products are available for your vehicle?

There are different approaches to chip tuning:

  • In the first variant, only the characteristic diagrams and data sets are optimized and individually adapted in the existing engine control unit. No mechanical changes are made to the vehicle and all engine protection systems are retained.
  • With variant two, previously prepared maps and data records are uploaded to the existing control unit. These data sets have been adjusted for the corresponding vehicle type, but not individually for your vehicle.
  • The third variant is less recommended. With this you are provided, either borrowed or bought, hardware and software and you can adjust what you want to have. However, it is also possible that you will get performance levels that require a previous mechanical adjustment. In addition, you operate here fully at your own risk.
  • Variant 4, a tuning box is connected upstream of the actual control unit, which generates an increase in performance by falsified sensor values. However, this can lead to problems after every service in which the control software of your engine is updated, and in case of danger there is the risk that the engine cannot switch to the emergency program. This could result in major damage to the engine or its attachments.

Opel Insignia

With your Opel Insignia there are between 20 and 40 HP more with a chip tuning, depending on the engine. And the torque can be increased by between 45 and 70 Newton meters, giving your car the extra kick it needs in addition to its sporty exterior.

opel astra

Opel Sports Tourer and Opel Astra

Both Opel Sports Tourer and Opel Astra share the same engine range. This makes the possible performance upgrades quite similar. Up to 30 horsepower and a plus of up to 50 Newton meters are possible. And all this with fuel savings of up to 15 percent compared to the previous model.

Opel Corsa

The performance of the Opel Corsa can be increased between 8 hp and 40 hp. The torque increases between 40 Newton meters and 95 Newton meters, depending on the engine and year of construction.

Opel Mokka

Opel Mokka gets an increase in power between 29 hp for a petrol engine and 34 hp for a diesel engine through chip tuning. The torque of the petrol engine can be increased by up to 54 Newton meters and that of the diesel by up to 64 Newton meters.

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