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Ford Chiptuning – Getting more power without spending a lot of money

Does your Ford get overtaken by an e-bike accelerating on the bike path next to you? You don’t want it to stay that way and are looking for a suitable solution to achieve this? For you we have written down our experiences with Chiptuning for Ford – no matter if Mustang, Kuga or even Fiesta – and answered important questions!

Which performance enhancements are possible? Why does chip tuning have more advantages for your car?

With Chiptuning for your Ford performance increases of up to 40% are possible – you can usually count on 20%. Well-known manufacturers – e.g. Kuzka Performance – give up to five years warranty on their tuning. So you have enough time to really drive out and test the tuning success.

Additionally – often forgotten – a chip tuning doesn’t only lead to more performance. Especially with older models before 2009, your good chip tuning can even reduce fuel consumption. However, then “only” a small increase in performance is possible at the same time.

With which suppliers do you have good experiences and what are the products there?

The best known suppliers are CM-Car Tuning & More, SKN Tuning, Kuzka Performance, Top Car Performance and bhp motorsport.

what performance can be increased with chiptuning?Most providers rely on an ODB II solution where the original chip software is overwritten. This has the advantage that the costs can be kept low and – if approved – the approval and possible warranty claims are not affected.

Do it yourself is not difficult, if you pay attention to this one point

Thanks to the ODB II interface, it is quite easy to chip tune the 2000 series yourself: All you need is an adapter cable and a laptop with the appropriate software.
The only drawback: Especially in the “Do it yourself” area there are a lot of black sheep who want to sell you a chip tuning WITHOUT the necessary Technical Inspection Association’s approvals at a supposed bargain price.

Our tip: Always ask for the necessary release documents before payment and, if necessary, ask your inspection authorities whether they are ok for them.

Minimize disadvantages: Why you should pay special attention to the 1.6l diesel models

Especially the 1,6l diesel was ordered by the customers especially in the Focus MK II. Other models from the Ford family also like to rely on the engine manufactured in cooperation with Peugeot.

However, long-term experience has shown that the turbocharger is very susceptible: while Peugeot has reduced the maintenance intervals and released a different, more suitable engine oil, Ford unfortunately still holds relatively stubbornly to the original factory release. The result: If you use a “better” oil, any warranty claims will expire as this has not been released. This may not be a problem for most vehicles that have been in use for years (except after a parts replacement), but it is very questionable whether a sensitive engine has the necessary “reserves” for chip tuning.

Our tip: Avoid the 1.6l diesel when tuning.

These six model series are particularly easy to tune

Not all Ford models are well suited for tuning (unless you want to pimp the Ford Transit, for example… which can be a very attractive topic in itself).

ford-fiestaIn addition to the necessary authorities’ approvals for the chips with regard to the exhaust emission regulations, the demand sometimes limits the supply a little – although less than with other manufacturers, since, for example, the older Ford Focus models in particular use a Peugeot cooperative engine, which is why you can also find suitable tuning chips for rare models.

The most productive is the market (besides the Focus) for the Ford Kuga, Ford Mustang, Ford Mondeo, Ford Ranger and the often popular Ford Fiesta.

Caution with the tax – You must pay attention to the necessary approvals

A chip without the necessary registration documents for your authorities can mean unpleasant post from the tax office, because since 2009 all vehicles registered in the EU must be taxed according to CO-2 emissions. Since a chip tuning changes the performance and thus usually the CO-2 emissions, the tuning of your choice needs a corresponding approval. This may change your car tax burden a little.

If you’re out of EU, don’t forget to check your local tax laws on this particular topic.

Ignoring it and using a tuning WITHOUT release is not recommended: If this comes – e.g. after an accident – to the daylight, this can mean a decent fine. Therefore it is better to play it safe right from the start and only choose a tuning with clearance.

The costs and why reprogramming is often better at Ford

The Ford models from the early 2000s rely on standardized interfaces, which is why nothing stands in the way of reprogramming the vehicle thanks to ODB-II. This lowers the costs and you only have to spend 300-800EUR. Who wants to have it cheaper, must search more exactly (keyword: registration!) or even hand.

The chip exchange costs about 500-1500EUR with the Ford models and is not really worthwhile, since the offer at reprogramming on the market is large enough. In addition the risk of a damage of the engine is clearly higher with a complete chip exchange.

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