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With these costs is to be counted when integrating Chiptuning

Many people nowadays decide to chip tune their cars. Of course you have to reckon with bigger expenses – this is especially true if you have several measures done at the same time. In this article you will find out what costs you will have to pay for chip tuning and entering the changes.

This is how you can estimate the cost of installation

If you want to perform chip tuning on well-known brands such as BMW and Mercedes, you have to reckon with correspondingly high costs.

bmw chiptuningHowever, you should always make sure that the price corresponds to the performance. It is important that you can estimate all expenses in advance. Every dealer should list all prices for your tuning clearly – it doesn’t matter if you found your supplier online or on site.

Many companies offer discounts especially for large orders. If you want to save money, you must not decide for the first best offer.

It is best to compare several dealers and their performance with each other. In principle, chip tuning does not exceed the three-digit range.

Need more information about chip tuning your petrol or diesel car?

How do the prices for the installation of the products differ?

The price may vary depending on the measure. As a general rule, the more complicated and protracted the service, the higher the costs.

A reputable supplier will clearly list the prices for each product. In general you have to calculate between 300 and 500 Euro for the transfer of a software to increase the PS and the torque – this also applies if you transfer the software yourself. For the reprogramming of the chip – this is the most efficient and simplest kind of chip tuning – you can expect expenses between 300 and 1,000 Euro.

older car repairementIf you posses of an older vehicle, the replacement of the chip may be necessary. Specialists charge around 400 euros for this. You also have the option of having a tuning box or an adapter plug installed. This device falsifies the sensor values, so that it comes to a performance increase of the engine.

For small cars, adapter plugs are available from a price of 15 euros. However, there are also tuning boxes that cost more than 500 euros.

A pedal box is also very popular with many car owners. This enables accelerator pedal tuning for both analogue and digital pedals. The system is suitable for both manual and automatic transmissions, improving both throttle response and performance. Pedal boxes are currently available from a price of around 150 euros.

Is it worth doing chiptuning yourself?

Meanwhile you can install certain individual parts with the Chiptuning. Also the independent transfer of the tuning software is possible. In this way you save yourself time and sometimes even a long journey. With the manual of the dealer most steps can be done easily – so you can do the chip tuning even if you lack experience.

It is definitely worthwhile to raise the money for professional optimization. Not only do you get more performance out of it, but you also avoid damage.

What costs are to be expected for registration at the technical inspection authorities?

After tuning, the chip must be officially registered at the technical inspection association. In this regard, expert opinions must be ordered with the purchase of the tuning chip if necessary. Costs between 80 and 90 euro are to be counted. The measures of the chip tuning must let you register with the administrative office of your federal state.

How much does the power control via Smartphone App cost you?

smartphone-app-chiptuningSome providers allow you to enable chip tuning via Smartphone App. Especially popular is the software from DTE Tuning. With it you can switch between the different driving modes. It is also possible to create individual driving profiles.

The app itself is available free of charge. You can download it from iTunes or the Google Play Store. To use it, you’ll need to purchase the appropriate tuning from DTE. This is the PedalBox from DTE, which is available at a price starting at 200 Euro.

Always pay attention to the quality

The price must never be the only criterion when it comes to choosing a tuning provider. You should make sure to check the quality of his work beforehand. Serious dealers list the evaluations of former customers as well as any references. This way you can get an objective picture of the provider in question.

It is also important that the company has a well-developed customer service.

Therefore, you should seek advice in advance from the provider concerned. By the way, you also have the possibility to get all your questions about chip tuning answered by our expert staff. It should also be noted whether the provider has experience with the installation of chip tuning in the car of the car brand concerned.


The price for a chip tuning does not have to be expensive. By a skillful comparison and the use of discounts, your expenditures keep themselves within limits – this applies even if you have an extensive tuning carried out.

However, you must not only pay attention to the costs. Customer service and quality also play an important role. So take a close look at the retailer and his performance – ideally you compare several suppliers with each other. In this way it is possible for you to make a well-considered decision and still save money.

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