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All you need to know about chiptuning on Renault

You want to get the best out of your car and have thought about a chip tuning at Renault? Enhanced performance, high speeds and fuel efficiency are just some of the benefits. In this article, we’ve summarized everything you need to know about chiptuning Renault and its costs.

Advantages and disadvantages of chip tuning Renault at a glance

Chip tuning involves changing or modifying an erasable programmable memory chip in an electronic control unit of an automobile or other vehicles to achieve better performance, cleaner emissions or better fuel efficiency.

Since this process is quite invasive and changes the operation of your vehicle significantly, it brings with it a number of advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of engine tuning

  • Enhanced performance: The engine tuning setting allows you to override the Renault limits. This can lead to different results depending on how you change the chip. You can achieve higher performance and therefore a higher top speed and faster acceleration. Then you can also prioritize fuel efficiency and save some money.
  • Simple installation: Unlike performance parts, tuning is done with a single chip. This means that a mechanic can offer you the Renault Chiptuning service very easily, quickly and with very little manual work. This not only results in faster installation time, but can also save you money during the installation process itself.

Disadvantages of engine tuning

  • Engine stress: Since the limits set by Renault are abolished, the tuning of the engine chip can put more stress on the engine. Over time, this can lead to greater wear and tear and an increased risk of damage to the engine, which can cost a very high replacement.
  • Even if the engine is not damaged, the increased power and load on the engine will also affect other parts of your Renault, such as the air filter or cooling system.

How much do you have to pay for chip tuning your Renault?

why chiptuningChip tuning is a process in which the electronic control unit is reprogrammed, allowing the motor to operate with various parameters. The ECU chip is located in the injection system and controls the amount of air and fuel mixture. The cost depends on how the chip tuning is done.

While the new ECU chip can in principle be installed by yourself, there are some potential problems that can occur.

If the chip is not installed correctly, it can have a very damaging effect on the engine, resulting in costly repairs, experience has shown. A professional installation can cost between 400 and 800 Euros, depending on the type of vehicle.

If you want to do the installation yourself, you can’t ignore the cost of the chip itself, which is around 400 EUR.

Which performance increases are possible?

Depending on your vehicle type and year, the ECU can control a variety of different systems. These include the automatic transmission system, the vehicle stabilization system, the fuel injection system, the valve support systems, the timing and ignition systems, and the speed control system.

All these factors are crucial for the functioning of your vehicle. The chip responds to stimuli from the vehicle to increase the pressure on the valves and fuel injection systems, regulate the maximum speed and acceleration of the vehicle and much more.

Other things you should know about the chip

renault-tuningThe controller in your vehicle, whether Renault Megane, Renault Clio or Renault Twingo, is usually inside the dashboard controls. Access is via a port called a diagnostic port. In most cases, it is best to leave the handling of the chip to the professionals.

Interfering with the systems it operates by accidentally adjusting some of the settings on the chip or manipulating it without knowing exactly what you are doing can affect your vehicle and performance and even lead to a complete breakdown.

Some of this damage may be irreparable to the engine.

From the factory’s point of view, the problem is that changes to the tuning can compromise reliability. Leaner fuel cards mean more power, but are much more susceptible to a poor gas tank or higher air temperatures. Improper tuning can immediately result in serious engine damage.

Which products are available for Chiptuning?

The reprogramming of the chip in the injection system gives your Renault a much better performance than before. This means that, as a side effect, other parts also need to be replaced. Spark plugs, distributors, wires, valves and other parts that work directly with the vehicle’s operation will benefit from chip tuning. They should be replaced to take full advantage of the benefits.

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