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Can Chiptuning your BMW increase the performance according to general experience without annoying side effects?

Chiptuning allows you to quickly implement engine tuning in your BMW that is fun and enhances your BMW.

The control of the motor in the control chip is influenced in such a way that the performance is noticeably increased for the pleasure of the proud driver. Modern technology, well suited to the image of the sporty BMW, can increase performance by around a third and it is convincing to see how the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

The introduction of the digital world into your engine makes it possible, by changing the software used, to implement experiences from the racing teams in your personal production vehicle at reasonable costs. Experience has shown that an off-the-shelf BMW becomes a lively racer with an individual character and double the fun factor.

Advantages of chip tuning are clear

Once you’ve chosen the right tuning kit and decided to allow your BMW’s engine to adapt to a small transformation borrowed from the racing stables, you’ll be rewarded with clear advantages.

what performance can be increased with chiptuning?

  • Engine performance will be increased considerably, your driving pleasure will increase convincingly
  • Often the consumption decreases at the same speed, your wallet fills up.
  • The installation is quickly done, your treasure does not disappear long in the workshop
  • The costs also for high-quality chip tuning are comparatively low for your BMW

Disadvantages can occur with Chiptuning

You have to take a closer look at the offers when deciding for a chip tuning. With careful selection you can avoid disadvantages, which threaten with non-observance. Search for reports from other BMW drivers who have used the original tuning kit in their engine. Ask manufacturers about their references.

  • If the chip tuning is not sufficiently correct, long-term damage to the engine may occur.
  • Often, but not always, consumption decreases
  • The cheapest deals sometimes do not keep their promises
  • An Inpection Association’s demands are not to be avoided and you should have all the parts’ certificates
  • In some cases the manufacturer’s warranty may expire.

How can I tune my BMW to high performance and avoid downsides?

Chiptuning is offered for your BMW in many places on the Internet and by some professional chip tuners. Now modern chip tuning is a complex technology. The engine control is optimized between a lot of sensor data and signals. This requires excellent knowledge of your BMW and its technology.

Only professional chip tuners offer products and processes that meet the high requirements of the various BMW models.

The solution for avoiding the disadvantages is to choose a professional supplier.

Is there a way to get the warranty for my BMW despite chiptuning?

WarrantySome of these tuners offer an original warranty for their tuning to us so the manufacturer’s warranty regarding the engine replace. If you choose such a manufacturer, your BMW turns into a racing car on the one hand, but on the other hand the warranty is maintained and you avoid disadvantages such as wear risks and expiration of the warranty.

These manufacturers often give you the advantage that they can put you in touch with local partners who can install the new chipset in your BMW. Give your BMW only the best and don’t choose the cheapest.

How can I easily have the new chipset entered into my vehicle documents at the technical inspection association?

The solutions differ with regard to the legally unavoidable entry with the technical inspection association.

Sometimes its parts certificates are supplied. In this certificate the exact functionality of your tuning set is documented and tested. You can present this part certificate to your local authorities on site and they will quickly and easily enter the tuning set in your papers. If a part certificate is missing, however, the inspection of your highly tuned BMW might be somewhat more extensive and expensive.

What performance enhancements are possible with my BMW?

Depending on the manufacturer, you can give a BMW 118i, a BMW 120i or a BMW 320D about 40 hp more power.

With a 118i, for example, after many experiences you can already expect a vehicle with racing characteristics that reaches a top speed of up to 250 km/h and accelerates to 100 km/h as fast as an arrow in hardly more than 8 seconds.

bmw-m4 chiptuningThe BMW M4 can already be about 80 hp more power. Depending on the offer, an increase in performance of around 30% can be expected.

Which products are there to turn my BMW into a real racer in chip tuning?

There is a wide range of products on offer from different providers. Check the differences carefully to ensure that your BMW has the best possible tuning. Consider additional services such as the warranty for the tuning kit and the engine.

If you want to install the chipset yourself, check whether sufficient technical support is available from the manufacturer. Most chip tuners offer shipping solutions and technical support. You can do the installation yourself with a little skill and experience.

With other manufacturers you can have this installation carried out in partner workshops, which is a little more expensive.

Can I undo the chip tuning on my BMW later if I want to?

As a rule, this deconstruction should be possible in an uncomplicated manner. Ask the manufacturer if your BMW can later be easily restored to series condition by dismantling. This can be useful, for example when selling.

Our conclusion: With care and wise choices your BMW will leave the competitors behind after the engine tuning.

  • If the chip tuning is not sufficiently correct, long-term damage to the engine may occur
  • Choose a manufacturer preferably with a local sales partner
  • Choose a manufacturer with a guarantee
  • In any case, pay attention to a detailed technical support, if you install yourself
  • If you’re not so good at handicrafts, find a supplier with workshops that install your BMW tuning kit

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