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Chip tuning reviews – How your car gets more power

Which products and ways are there for Chip tuning?

The Chiptuning Test shows that there are a number of different variants with which you can make your car better. You can see three of them here.

The first possibility is called soldering. The mechanic will remove your control unit and solder out the chip. He then uses an EPROM programmer to read out the original software of the chip. At the place where the chip was removed, a socket can be soldered in, which makes a fast change of the chips possible. Your original chip remains unchanged and in its place a chip with the tuned software is inserted. This is the only possibility to realize a chip tuning for most vehicles built before 2000.

products chiptuningThe 2nd option uses the OBD of your vehicle, i.e. the diagnostic interface of your vehicle. This diagnostic interface is used to read or write to your engine control unit using your own tuning software. This solution saves you any mechanical work, such as soldering, but it is not possible with all vehicles.

The third way is called BDM or Tricore. Your control unit must be removed. The vehicle manufacturer uses this interface for the initial programming of your vehicle. This interface can be used to read out your car’s software and reinstall it.

➜ How much will chiptuning cost me?

How can I distinguish between Chiptuning products?

How can you distinguish between Chiptuning products? How can you distinguish between Chiptuning products? It is then necessary to distinguish whether your vehicle should receive an individualized tuning or whether optimized data sets should be uploaded beforehand. These pre-optimized data sets are generated with identical vehicles, but are not specifically adapted to your vehicle.

WarrantyYou can also borrow the hardware and software you need for tuning from some companies and upload your own data records that you buy from the respective companies. With this variant, however, you have no guarantee for your engine and thus bear the complete risk of the tuning. Thus one of the less recommendable products.

How do you find the best provider for your Chiptuning?

Providers for Chiptuning find themselves on the Internet like sand at the sea. However, you should take a closer look to separate the black sheep from the good tuners. Usually there are entries with recommendations on various forums. Further you can find on the homepage of good tuners mostly entries to partner companies, with which you can get a clearer picture of the tuner of your choice with a call completely fast. As a third possibility, you can of course get a picture of the company directly on site, before you leave your vehicle in their hands.

If the workshop is a greasy backyard pad, don’t touch it.

Diesel experience – what possibilities are there?

Diesel vehicles were actually always better to tune, since a Chiptuning brought more effect with turbocharged vehicles.

The experience has been consistently good, as both the performance of the vehicle has been increased and fuel consumption has been reduced. This is not much different today. Negative experiences have mostly people with it with the Tuning exaggerate and the appropriate driving style on the day put. If you have your tuning done at a garage and have a normal driving style, your experience will be positive.

Experiences petrol car – how are they?

Since there are more and more turbocharged or compressor-charged petrol engines in vehicles, the effect that chip tuning has had on such vehicles has also increased. Here, too, most experiences are consistently positive. Of course there are also negative experiences. But these experiences are mostly due to an improper tuning. If you have your tuning done by a specialist and you do not torture your vehicle unnecessarily, you will enjoy your chip tuned vehicle for a long time.

Which accessories do you get for your Chiptuning?

improve the performance with chiptuningIf you want to do your own chip tuning, there is a wide range of accessories on the market. From sealing compounds to lid openers and hot air soldering devices. You can also buy tuning boxes and chips online or from your local retailer.

Furthermore, you can usually also find the matching data sets for your vehicle from the manufacturers of tuning boxes and chips. You can then upload these data sets to your vehicle’s chip using purchased or borrowed accessories or install the new chip with the corresponding data sets.

Where can you find a Chiptuning Box Test or a Chiptuning Powerbox Test?

Every year the different products are tested and compared on the market. Of course there is also a test winner in the different categories. Such Chiptuning Box test results can then be found in relevant internet forums as well as on pages of well-known auto testers. With the help of a Chiptuning Powerbox test you can quickly find out which of the products is best suited to your needs. But you can also see which tuner you have to contact to get a great result.

This link will lead you to all necessary information about chip tuning your car yourself.

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