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No matter if diesel or petrol – How the chip tuning of your Mercedes will be a real success

Your Daimler feels like he’s only moving forward at a snail’s pace? You finally want to uncover the true potential of your car and are looking for a solution that works perfectly in the long run? Whether petrol or diesel, Mercedes cls or even Mercedes clk: we have looked at and answered the most important questions about chip tuning for Mercedes.

The important question clarified: Which performance upgrades are possible?

Relevant providers promise up to 30% more performance. You can realistically count on 10-25%. That sounds little at first sight, but 10% more torque (and not only PS or KW!) can make itself quite noticeable! Especially, because most suppliers of Mercedes emphasize that the extra power is also available over a wide speed range.

Which products are there and what is special about the tuning suppliers for Mercedes?

mercedes-cockpitThe best-known suppliers are bhp-Chiptuning, PP-Performance, Racechip, as well as SKN-Tuning and VÄTH – Mercedes Tuning. Often you are also offered to exchange other components within the framework of a chip tuning. This makes sense especially with stronger chip tuning (if you want to get close to 30% more power), so that the life span of your vehicle is preserved.

Your advantage: the reputable suppliers offer everything from a single source – both chip tuning and the installation of appropriate components, which withstand the higher performance well.

Do it yourself: How to make the technical inspection mild and play it safe when it comes to the manufacturer’s warranty

If you want to do the chiptuning on your own, you should definitely use a software with a part certificate or general Technical Inspection Association’s approval.

Although an individual acceptance is also possible, the Technical Inspection Association is reluctant to be accommodating here if this was done by the owner and not in a workshop.

Also one should let oneself be given the guarantee conditions in writing by the provider – BEFORE purchase. The correct installation, as soon as released by the Technical Inspection Association, should also be recorded and sent to the supplier – so that he can not “talk his way out” in the case of cases, because the installation was allegedly not done properly.

Getting the most out of it: Why an everyday diesel engine in particular can benefit from engine tuning

Mercedes diesel vehicles in particular benefit from chip tuning. Sure: If you want to use your car to call up services suitable for race tracks, you’ll have to replace more than just the chip software in the long run.

However, if you simply want more performance suitable for everyday use, e.g. for rush hour traffic or rapid gliding along the country road, you can use a chip to provide more torque and more even power output at low cost. The advantage here is that the additional load on the engine is minimized, so that time-consuming additional work on the engine tract is no longer necessary – and yet you no longer feel starved at the traffic light start, while consumption usually remains at the standard level (or even falls in some cases!).

Chiptuning of compressor models can have the following disadvantages

Often amateur mechanics make the mistake of doing the chip tuning on their Mercedes compressor car on their own. This is often the case if there are versions with different performance capabilities with the same cubic capacity from one series (e.g. the C class).

The chip is then upgraded to the “better” model. However, it is often forgotten that the parts used in the vehicle can differ considerably. Often overlooked: The compressor. The compressor is mostly technically quite exhausted – an increase in performance is therefore based on its service life. The result: engine damage and expensive parts replacement. In order to avoid this disadvantage, the performance increase should be moderate or a stronger compressor should be installed that can cope with the increased power in the long run.

With these models the Chiptuning is particularly well convertible

mercedes-signWhen it comes to market offers and their availability, the Mercedes C Class, the Mercedes CLS, Mercedes GLC, Mercedes CLK and Mercedes CLA, and last but not least the Mercedes a45 amg are particularly well supplied. The C class, for which there are good, tried and tested solutions thanks to its high number of units, deserves special mention.

The great thing about this is that any necessary conversions (e.g. a larger compressor, other camshafts, etc.) during intensive chip tuning are comparatively inexpensive to implement, as the range of spare and alternative parts is quite high.

You have to pay attention to the following tax issues after installation

With a Chiptuning a performance change is to be brought about consciously. This has the consequence that in comparison to the original the tuned vehicle does not only bring more HP on the road, but also has another CO2 emission. Since vehicles built since 2009 are taxed according to CO2 emissions, this change must be registered. In most cases, this changes the vehicle tax only slightly, but a non-registration can be very expensive if, for example, it comes out after an accident.

To ensure that the registration runs smoothly, you should therefore only use chips with a release for the specific vehicle model.

To play on the safe card, check your local laws on the subject.

You have to reckon with this cost

Theoretically one is according to our experiences – in the do-it-yourself building – starting from approximately 130EUR. However, for this price you usually don’t receive a Technical Inspection Association’s parts certificate. From 230EUR one receives a Chiptuning, which is also approved by the association (by a single acceptance). Who would like tuning with release (that is, without having to drive up extra with the inspection), should count on approximately 400EUR costs. The installation costs usually amount to 50-100EUR.

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