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Chiptuning – how to do electronic performance enhancement yourself?

You surely know them, those moments when you wish your car would bring a little more strength to the asphalt? Especially when you’re winding your way through fast bends on interesting tracks.

Finally you can get the power out of your car, but the person in front is on a relaxed Sunday trip and the space for overtaking is very limited again. A little more torque and it wouldn’t be a problem to just pass by. Or you’d like to pull into the acceleration lane before the endless row of cars. A little more power and you could just lean back and let your right foot play a little.

Electronic engine tuning for your car – What performance enhancements are possible?

older car repairGiving your engine some more steam with chip tuning means that the ECU software as well as the injection must be adapted. The injection performance maps are modified to increase power and torque, taking into account the manufacturer’s tolerances.

All these adjustments have already been made on the tuning chips, so that they only have to be installed. Once the chip has been inserted into your engine, it will immediately improve performance. Nevertheless, there is no loss in fuel consumption, exhaust emissions or running performance.

This shows a clear advantage: Chiptuning is a comparatively easy way to accelerate your car.

The chips to be installed in the engine compartment are particularly well available for diesel vehicles.

This is due to the fact that the functionality of the small power boxes is optimally compatible with the advantages of a diesel engine. This is mainly due to the fact that your diesel simply has more air by nature. This means that there is already enough mechanical capacity ex works, they just have to be activated accordingly.

Chip tuning is also no problem for your gasoline engine. The way the chips work is the same as with diesel. However, the result of the tuning may differ. If your petrol engine doesn’t have a turbocharger or a turbocharger like a G-charger or a compressor, it’s difficult to increase the boost pressure for more power. Therefore the gain in power can be quite small.

Thus it is to be considered with appropriate engines whether beside the Chiptuning also further adaptations at the engine are necessary. In addition, the fuel type and ignition setting curve can be optimized.

If you have a petrol engine with turbo, the tuning with chip is just as simple and efficient as with diesel.

5 reasons for fine-tuning your car

bmw chiptuning1. Performance enhancement

Probably the most obvious reason for chip tuning! But which increase in performance is possible? Depending on the chip, you can expect an increase in power of 25 to 30 %, with a simultaneous increase in torque of up to 25 %.

2. Precise adjustment

An interesting side effect: With chip tuning, the maps of your control unit used by the manufacturer are better adapted to the possibilities of your vehicle.

3. Consumption optimization

More power, less consumption? Yes, that’s possible. And it’s simply because by customizing the ECU software, you can give your car exactly what it needs. This also reduces fuel consumption, as your engine can use its capacities more effectively.

4. Simply different

Everybody’s on a show, you got a chip! Set yourself apart from the crowd and give your car an individual added value.

5. Low effort

In contrast to other tuning variants, Chiptuning is simple and can also be done by yourself.

Do I need a professional or can I save the costs for the specialist workshop?

Sounds interesting? But you are afraid of high costs for the installation in the specialist workshop? You don’t need a professional. Because the conversion is easy to do yourself!

First, you can get information about suppliers and products in online reviews and compare interesting offers. Once your powerchip has arrived, it’s no problem to insert it. You’ll need the chip and the right cabling to insert it into the engine compartment. You may need to remove a few covers, remove existing cables and put the new wiring in between. At the end of these the chip is connected – ready!

No specific tool, programming knowledge or corresponding software or hardware is required for setting. The well-known chip manufacturers also provide you with installation instructions.

Clear advantages of self-assembly:

  • cost saving
  • Uncomplicated assembly
  • No dependence on a specialist workshop
  • You can decide for yourself when you want to give yourself and your car the extra pressure.

Which chip is right for your engine?

Many manufacturers offer suitable chips for various diesel and petrol models. You can find out whether yours is included in the respective manufacturer information.

The advantages are:

why chiptuning

  • Due to their fit, the chips are suitable for several vehicles.
  • Thanks to their variable applicability, low production costs, the chips can be used in a wide range of applications.

Thus, these chips are comparatively cheapest.

There are of course other specifications, such as weather-protected chips, which have the advantage of being better adapted to adverse weather conditions.

Different providers also offer the possibility of individual programming of chips according to the personal requirements of you and your car. A personalized service for which you need at least the support of a professional workshop. The installation of the chips is nevertheless often possible.

All options have their advantages and disadvantages:

  • The off-the-shelf chips are cheap, but fine-tuning them to your car model may not be optimal.
  • A chip without weather protection only makes sense if you only leave your car on the asphalt in the best conditions.
  • The individually adjusted chip is certainly tempting, but expensive and you are dependent on a professional who has to do the programming.

No matter which variant you choose – the right solution is also easily found and implemented for your car, whether petrol or diesel.

Chiptuning – what things do you have to consider to avoid disadvantages?

1. Warranty

WarrantyA chip tuning can void a current manufacturer or connection guarantee. It is to be noted that the guarantee of the chip manufacturer should be as extensive as possible in this case.

2. Further modifications

If you want to get the best performance out of your car, you should also consider other factors that determine the driving characteristics. To get the most out of your tuning, you may need a tighter chassis, stronger brakes, a different exhaust system or an air filter that allows more throughput.

3. Part Certificates

Many chiptuning sets are delivered without a certificate, i.e. without a general operating permit. This means that the modification of your car is unchecked and you have to go to your local technical insurance authorities first. If you do not do this, the operating permit for your vehicle expires. If no ABE is included in the delivery, you should therefore take into account the additional costs for a single acceptance at a test centre. Exact prices can be obtained directly from the respective testing centre.

4. Vehicle Tax

Since the motor vehicle tax is measured not only by the engine capacity but also by the CO2 emissions, it makes sense to measure and report the results to the tax authorities after the tuning as part of the exhaust emission test (AU), so that you cannot be accused of tax fraud.

smart-auto interieur

Give your car the power you need!

5 steps for easy installation of your Powerbox

  • Preparation – Allow engine to cool down. Then open the hood of the vehicle and lock the car. Wait a few minutes, then switch off all electronic consumers. Remove the engine cover.
  • Solve – Now you need the common rail connection of your engine. By following the injection pipes you will find the rail. To see what it looks like, you can easily find pictures on the Internet or in the chip manufacturer’s manual. Unplug the common rail connector. Do the same with the plug of the boost connector.
  • Connection Common-Rail and Charging Pressure – Now connect the matching plugs of the wiring harness of your chip with the just disconnected plugs and then with the respective sockets of your car.
  • Connect the chip – Now connect the chip to the wiring harness …
  • Power-Check – … and you can already test whether your car has accepted the Powerbox and you will soon enjoy more power. You turn on the ignition – but don’t start the engine yet. First check whether all control lights switch on and off as usual. Now you have to check the display of most chips. If this is available, nothing more stands in the way of the first start of your new power pack.!


  • The installation of a Chiptuning-Kit is also possible without professional workshop and professional knowledge.
  • Your individual requirements must be taken into account when choosing the chip.
  • Possible variants can be easily researched and procured via the Internet.
  • There’s something for every budget.

So – what are you waiting for?

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